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Client Information

Your First Visit

At Hands On Therapy Center, providing Myofascial Release massage in Wyckoff and Bergen County, New Jersey, we offer evidence-based, customized, one-on-one care delivered by the same therapist at each visit.

In this way we stay keenly attuned to changes and progress in your condition and continue to make changes in your therapy to achieve the best possible results.

For your first visit, please wear comfortable clothing that you can move in or bring it with you so you can change at the clinic.

Please bring a list of any prescribed medications or over the counter medications that you take regularly. Please fill in the intake form on your website so that we can have access to your past medical history prior to your visits. This allows us to spend the maximum amount of time in treatment.

You can expect your initial appointment to last between 60-75 minutes. During this visit you will undergo a thorough postural and breathing assessment so we can seek the cause and extent of your pain or injury. 

Following this assessment process, we will recommend a customized program of care for you and under normal conditions, you will receive your first therapy at that time.

Follow-up sessions will typically be 60 minutes.

Home visits are available for an increased rate within a 10 mile radius of the clinic.

Hours of operation

Monday to Thursday: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.



60 minute Myofascial treatment - $100

90 minute Myofascial treatment - $150

120 full body Myofascial treatment - $200

10 session package -$900 

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